The match vs. Donaldsonville got off to a rocky start with our opponent showing up late into practice. After some roster setup time we were able to start and get the ball rolling.

The first game saw the Jackets jump out to an 8-0 lead with a performance that was below expectations but well above what ws needed to carry each point. Cade Fletcher provided the lone deuce for the game with a 215. The Jackets rolled a 1036 for the game which would prove to be the lowest of the match.
The second game saw a few substitutions and better overall performances. Gabriel Eunice led the team with a 225.
The final game allowed us to substitute out our 6 bowler. The team delivered a performance that demonstrates the capability of the team. Three bowlers exceeded 200 with Mason Ballard leading all bowlers with a 246. Quincy Brown had a 233 and Hayden Rainey had a 235. The team rolled an 1165 without our top bowler and with pedestrian performances in the bottom of the lineup hinting that games above 1200 are possible with this team.

The final score was 27-0.