The JV team started off a string of matches against Catholic with a missing bowler and a lot of tough matchups. The first game out the box had below average performances for all on the roster resulting in a quick 8-0 lead for Catholic that they would never relinquish.
Game 2 saw more representative performances from the team with Hunter Norwood returning to form with a 151 in the 6 spot and Connor Phillips dropping a 140 in the 2 to capture points for the Jackets. Quentin Armstrong also covered a win with a 110 in the 1 spot to give a 3-3 split in the second game. The team finished with a 746 which was much closer to what we saw in the EA match.
The final game saw performances nestled between the subpar first game and the more competitive second game. The Jackets took two points with a 131 from Connor Phillips and a 106 by Quentin Armstrong. Catholic bowled their best game of the match in game 3.

The final score was 5-21 with Catholic taking the win.