The boys brought a 7-1 record into a matchup against a 5 win Baton Rouge High team at Circle bowl. A win here would go a long way towards helping our power ranking as it would be the third 15 point + team on our schedule in a row.

Several of our boys struggled a little out the gate with the approaches and lane conditions at Circle. Still, it didn’t keep Cade Fletcher from breaching the 200 line with a 207. Hayden Rainey tossed in a 194 from the two spot. The Jackets carried the game 7-1 and would head into the second stanza with a 221 point advantage on total pins.

In game two we sat a few high performers who were struggling to allow them to adjust in the practice frames before playing them again in game three. Alex Cedotal and Cooper Bush came in and delivered solid performances to help boost the team to a more representative 1092 finish. Dylan Fowler tossed in a match high 224 in his second game and Mason Ballard dropped a 211 to carry his point. The Jackets sealed the match with another 7-1 win to take a 14-2 lead into game three.

Game three allowed us to sit a few more and get our other two starters back in the game with a little more practice time. Both players delivered with Gabriel Eunice tossing in a 224 and Quincy Brown getting back on track with a 196.

Today did see some above average performances particularly from our starting one and two spot bowlers.

Starting two Hayden Rainey averaged 192 over the games he bowled and Dylan Fowler delivered a three game season high of 573 out of the one spot for a 191 average.

#9 Boys: 8-1

Mason and Cade survey the landscape while Quincy returns from a shot. Aaron is tabulating team scores.