Baton Rouge High brings the first district action of the season. The match was played at All Star Lanes.

Game one started off slow with everyone bowling below their average except for 6-spot Cade Fletcher who tossed in a 257. Still the visiting Bulldogs were no match to the pinfall totals of the Jackets with nearly every Jacket taking a win and bursting out the gate to a 7-1 advantage.
Game two allowed a couple of substitutions and saw drop backs in performance from both teams. Cade Fletcher delivered the lone deuce of the match with a 208.
Game three saw us sit our 5-spot bowler and move some of the middle of the lineup into the high lane. They did not disappoint closing out game 3 with a flurry of strikes and another 1100. Quincy Brown provided a spectacular finish with a match high 258.

Brady Null came in off the bench for the match making a case for more time at the one spot with games of 156 and 172.

The final score was 25-2 Jackets.

The first three games of the season allowed us to use several bowlers in the roster and allowed me to balance a solid number of games between them to see how various bowlers perform in matches. Eight bowlers had at least 5 games in the first three matches with two more getting a game in varsity play early in the season. The boys next matchup against Archbishop Rummel will be our toughest match of the season to date and will require the best of what we have put on the lanes this season.

JV: 1-1
Girls: 1-2
Boys: 3-0

The Central match looked to build on the winning effort against St. Micahel’s. Central is always a tough opponent.

Game one saw some cold shooting by the opposing Wildcats allowing average performances on the Jackets side of the ticket to carry some wins and jump ahead on total pins by 1 to secure a 4-4 tie leading into the remainder of the match. Brie Donahue bowled a solid 130 out of the 1 spot to inject some enthusiasm into the remainder of the match.
Game two saw the team take a step back allowing the Wildcats to overtake total pins and win 4 points. Brie carried on with her above average with a 115 and another point for the Jackets. Isabelle Duval also had an above average performance with a solid 130.
The last game really saw the high lane bowlers get into the action with Audrey Cedotal bowling a 152 and taking her point and Ann Savignol narrowly missing her point in the 6 spot with a season high 173.

The final score was 8-19 with the Wildcats taking total pins and the win.

The match vs. Donaldsonville got off to a rocky start with our opponent showing up late into practice. After some roster setup time we were able to start and get the ball rolling.

The first game saw the Jackets jump out to an 8-0 lead with a performance that was below expectations but well above what ws needed to carry each point. Cade Fletcher provided the lone deuce for the game with a 215. The Jackets rolled a 1036 for the game which would prove to be the lowest of the match.
The second game saw a few substitutions and better overall performances. Gabriel Eunice led the team with a 225.
The final game allowed us to substitute out our 6 bowler. The team delivered a performance that demonstrates the capability of the team. Three bowlers exceeded 200 with Mason Ballard leading all bowlers with a 246. Quincy Brown had a 233 and Hayden Rainey had a 235. The team rolled an 1165 without our top bowler and with pedestrian performances in the bottom of the lineup hinting that games above 1200 are possible with this team.

The final score was 27-0.

The JV team started off a string of matches against Catholic with a missing bowler and a lot of tough matchups. The first game out the box had below average performances for all on the roster resulting in a quick 8-0 lead for Catholic that they would never relinquish.
Game 2 saw more representative performances from the team with Hunter Norwood returning to form with a 151 in the 6 spot and Connor Phillips dropping a 140 in the 2 to capture points for the Jackets. Quentin Armstrong also covered a win with a 110 in the 1 spot to give a 3-3 split in the second game. The team finished with a 746 which was much closer to what we saw in the EA match.
The final game saw performances nestled between the subpar first game and the more competitive second game. The Jackets took two points with a 131 from Connor Phillips and a 106 by Quentin Armstrong. Catholic bowled their best game of the match in game 3.

The final score was 5-21 with Catholic taking the win.

The girls found themselves in the opposite situation they were in against St. Michael’s with a full roster and their opponent only fielding 5 players.

Game one saw the girls get off to a slow start. Despite that, the low lane advantage allowed the girls to carry total pins and jump out to a 5-3 lead.
Game two saw an improvement in performance allowing the team to carry 4 points from the middle stanza and get out to an 11-5 lead heading into the final game. The team also had a 130 pin lead in total pins.
The final game saw a great low lane performance from Isabelle Duval with a 127 taking her point by 1 pin.

Ann Savignol led all bowlers with a 409

The final score was 19-8 in favor of the Jackets.

The Jackets started game one shorthanded by one and missing two key players. That alone would set back the Jackets nearly 300 points on total pins which added difficultly to an already difficult matchup with St. Amant.

Game one started off slow, however, Brie Donahue had a solid 121 in her first game. In that game, though, the Jackets ran into an exceptionally strong performance for the St. Amant girls team in the middle of the lineup giving them a huge burst out the gate and an 8-0 lead.

Game two saw better overall performances with Audrey Cedotal setting the high mark for the day with a 169 and capturing a win against the home Gators. Unfortunately, it was the only win in the stanza which gave the Gators the win 7-1 and putting the match out of reach.

The third game saw Ann Savignol put her best performance of the day on the board with a 158 which also captured a point for the Jackets. Similary to game 2, it was the only win in the game.

The final score was 2-25 with the Gators taking the win.

Girls: 0-1

Girls say hello from the St. Amant match on National Girls and Women in Sports Day!

The JV match against East Ascension proved to be a real barnburner providing narrow margins, clutch shots and a final score that was close enough that a single frame in any game could have made the difference. It was almost as perfect a match as you could start off young high school bowling careers with.

We decided to seed the lineup for the beginning of the season using the same startup rules for varsity. If you had a varsity average from last season, it was used, otherwise any games in varsity were used as a secondary starting average. After that a book average was considered an finally a rolling average over the last few practices. This gave us an unusual lineup, which is common for the first match even on the varsity side.

Game one started off with two outstanding games on the low lane with Cooper Bush taking his point with a 184 and Andrew Wilson taking his with a 171. The low lane dominated total pins enough to give some losses on the high lane a little room and giving the Jackets a 4-4 tie heading into game two.  The Jackets lost head to head matches 2-4 and led total pins 785-750 after one stanza to salvage the tie in the game.

Game two saw solid performances from Andrew Wilson again with a 164. Wyatt Wells dropped a 128 in the one spot to carry his point. Still EA managed to not only even the score but pull ahead 9-7 heading into game three on the strength of 3 head to head wins and total pins. The Jackets were down by 11 heading into the last game.

Game three saw the Jackets jump out a little early with a lead that they needed to hold to win. It came down to the 10th frame in the 6 spot where the Jackets needed a mark in the 10th and count from Hunter Norwood to take the match. He delivered with a spare and 8 to give the Jackets the final 16 pin margin which gave us the final 3 for total pins.

Hunter Norwood delivered consistent performances out of the 6 spot to average 142 on the day. Andrew Wilson led all bowlers with a 474 series.

Every bowler managed to get in at least one game during the match. All in all it was a good outing, with much of the team meeting or exceeding expectations.

Wyatt Wells, Andrew Wilson and Hunter Norwood each secured 2 wins for the team.

The final score was 16-11 for the Jackets.