Both Yellow Jackets squads looked to bounce back after setbacks on Monday. Both teams faced competitive St. Amant squads but a practice on Tuesday gave us a little more preparation leading into these matches.


The girls team started off on the right foot taking a 6-2 lead on the strength of a couple of dominating performances. One was on the high lane by Lakin Fletcher with a 202 and another on the low lane by Ann Savign with a 162. The second game was similar to the first with a couple of dominating performances on each lane. The final in that game was also 6-2 to give the Jackets a commanding 12-4 lead heading into the final.

The team struggled as a whole and lost last game 6-2. Overall they were ahead by 198 pins after game two which was enough of a cushion to carry the match. The final score was 17-10

Lakin Fletcher was the high lane MVP with a 521 (202)
Ann Savign was the low lane MVP with a 466 (162)


The boys started off with strong games in the 1-2 spots with Alex Cedotal bringing the swag with a 185 and Quincy Brown recovering his swag as well posting a 189. The high lane had an average performance and overcame a strong effort by the 6 bowler for St. Amant to take a 6.5-1.5 lead overall after game one. The second game saw the Jackets post one of their strongest single game performances of the season with an 1155 on the strength of a 196 in the 1 spot by Alex Cedotal and a 655 on the high lane by Mason Brock (206), Gabe Eunice (203) and Cade Fletcher (246) posting the top game of the day. Still, we managed to drop a game to take a 13.5-2.5 lead and an overall pin count lead of 360. St. Amant made some substitutions in the final game and Denham Springs turned in their lowest game of the day in the final match despite keeping the top 6.

Cade Fletcher eclipsed 700 for the second time this season posting a hot 701 series (227,246,228)

The boys match was livestreamed. A huge shout out to Leslie Fletcher for getting us online today.


Practice games ahead of this match seemed to get the team a little more focused. We were a little more certain on spares and overall we saw a better effort by both teams across the board.

Saturday will see us compete in the LHSAA High School Bowling Invitational at All Star Lanes.


Boys: 4-1

Girls: 2-2




The Denham Springs girls team faced a traditionally strong squad in East Ascension. Layla Legendre set the pace in game one for the Jackets with a 236. Lakin Fletcher also pitched in a strong 196 but the advantage at other positions proved difficult to overcome in the first game and EA took the game 5-3. The second game was a near mirror of the first and the Jackets found themselves on the down side of a 10-6 score in favor of the visiting Spartans. The last game was a little more one-sided with EA throwing some strong games to create a final advantage of 20-7.

Freshman Layla Legendre continued her early season success tossing her highest series ever with a 583 (236). Senior Lakin Fletcher also had a strong and consistent performance with a 575 (203)


On the boys side, East Ascension came out the gate with a very consistent but solid game from each of their starters in game one. Denham Springs struggled a little out the gate after a long layoff from bowling at All Star. EA took the lead after game one 6-2. Denham Springs was able to adjust some and get back in the match in game two with a strong effort of 1142 to tie things up. Dylan Fowler threw nine strikes in a row to throw his personal best of 264 on the low lane. EA maintained a 95 point lead after the second game in what looked like a match going down to the wire. In the final game each team started off strong before things went a litle off the rails for the Jackets who left numerous splits and left a few easy spares out there. EA took the last game 6-2 and was able to expand their total pins advantage and take the match 17-10.

Cade Fletcher led all bowlers on the boys side with a 639 (235).

There were certainly some good things to take from todays matches but there were also opportunities missed. Both Jackets teams will regroup and hit the lanes again on Wednesday against St. Amant.


The girls and boys teams entered the final matches of their early season road stretches. The girls squared off against Istrouma and the boys were matched up against Catholic High.


The girls opponent did not field a valid team today (4 are required). Still, both teams bowled and Denham Springs took the win against their over matched opponent 27-0.

Lakin Fletcher pitched in a 182 in game one to aid the girls in their strongest game of the day with a total of 834. Audrey Cedotal added a couple of strong games during the match including a 179 during game two.

Layla Legendre continued her hot start to the season and took MVP honors for the girls team with a 542 (187).


The boys matched up against Catholic High who perennially fields a strong team in the region. Our boys team was up to the challenge. Both teams got off to a relatively slow start but eventually got their lines figured out and their shots in the pocket. Denham Springs took he lead in head to head matches after game one with 4 wins and also took total pins 983-905 to take a 6-2 lead. Both teams started to get their feet under them a little better in the second game. The Denham Springs high lane started with nine strikes in a row to build a lead they would never relinquish in the game. They took 3 more games head to head and total pins to open up an 11-5 lead heading into the final game. Game three saw Denham Springs really turn things up a notch as they poured in three 200+ games and two 180+ games to deliver their best single game performance of the season with an 1174. Catholic also put up their best game of the day but fell short in the end 18-9. 

Both of these teams are very young and we know that their best games are ahead of them.

Cade Fletcher continued his hot streak from the previous week and led all scorers with a 656 (247). Gabe Eunice also tossed in a 615 (219) to aid in the win. Quincy Brown added a couple of 200 games (204) and Mason Brock pitched in a 200 of his own in the final game (206).

Catholic High broadcast part of the boys match on Youtube Live


The JV squad also got some good time in against a shorthanded Catholic JV squad. The final score was 14-13 on the strength of eeking out total pins by less than 50 pins. Randall Mitchell led the JV squad with a 422 (163) and Andrew Wilson warmed up over course of the afternoon to finish out strong with JV squad high game of the day of 167.

Boys: 3-0
Girls: 1-1
JV: 1-0

Coach Williams imparting wisdom to the JV squad

We entered the middle game of our early season road stretch for both the boys and the girls. Both teams played against Dutchtown at Premier lanes in Gonzales, LA. As expected, they were a formidable opponent on both sides.

The girls ran into an on-fire Dutchtown girls squad who jumped out to an early 6-3 lead over the Jackets. We clawed back in during the second game to split 4-4 but the deficit proved too much to overcome with the Griffins taking another 6-2 game along with total pins. The final score was an 8-19 loss to Dutchtown.

High lane MVP Layla Legendre once again paced the girls with a 540 (190). Angel Beadle delivered a strong performance to take the low lane MVP with a 409 (148).

The boys kicked off their match with a clear win in the first game 6-2. The head to head games were relatively close throughout with the Jackets pulling away for the win in the late frames of the first game. The boys made no substitutions today. Denham Springs took a 13-3 lead after the second game and closed it out with a final of 22.5-4.5. The boys were excellent with their convertible spares and left few splits. It is definitely an outcome to build upon. 

Cade Fletcher brought a ton of confidence and a ton of strikes to pace the boys with a stunning 718 series (257,224,237). This led all bowlers today. Mason Brock bowled consistently in the 190’s out of the 1 spot with a 581 (199). 

Our next matches are at Circle Bowl. The girls will bowl Istrouma and the boys will face off against Catholic High.

Be there to support your Jackets!!!

Denham Springs girls: ??-1**
Denham Springs boys: 2-0

**It came to our attention that McKinley will not be fielding a girls team this season. This likely affects the outcome of our first win and potentially the averages of the bowlers. Until we know for certain we will leave that one out as an “unknown”. We may be 1-1. 


Getting a little mental noise out of the way before the match against Dutchtown

I decided to put this together for the spectator of high school bowling teams in Louisiana. It will give you a summary of how the games are scored and what is meant by certain terms you might hear discussed while watching matches.

High school bowling is a scratch competition. Scratch bowling means that there are no handicaps. In traditional league bowling there is often a handicap added in to allow bowlers of varying skill levels to compete at a similar level. With a scratch competition the scores are simply what you see on the scoring machines. 

In a match there are six bowlers per team and a match takes place on four lanes. Six bowlers on each team are divided into two groups of three bowlers on a “low” lane and a “high” lane. There is a total of twelve bowlers competing on the four lanes. The layout between the lanes will look something like this.


The H stands for “Home”. H6 will be the highest average bowler on the home team and H1 will be the lowest average bowler on the home team. The V stands for “Visitor”. Typically you will bowl your best six bowlers. They must be in the lineup in average order from the lowest to the highest when determining head to head wins. Coaches have the option of making substitutions between the games but the relative order from low average to high average must be maintained.
At the end of each game head-to-head wins and losses are determined. There are a total of 6 points to be earned this way. There are 2 more points that are earned based on the game totals for all six bowlers on each team. This is called total pins. Therefore each game is worth a total of 8 points.

At the end of the match total pins for ALL games is used to earn another 3 points.

So lets summarize …

6 bowlers x 3 games = 18 points in head to head matches
2 points x 3 games = 6 points for single game total pins
3 points x 1 match = 3 points for overall total pins

18 + 6 + 3 = 27 points which can be earned by teams. Ties result in a split 0.5 to 0.5.

H = Home
V = Visitor
Bowlers 1-3 are on the “low” lane
Bowlers 4-6 are on the “high” lane.

High school bowling is spectator friendly especially with automatic scoring computers because you can always know what is going on. You can simply compare the ongoing scores to each other and know roughly where you stand throughout the game. The total pins are typically available on the lower right of normal computer scoring systems to give you an idea of whether you are on track to get the two points at the end of the game or not.

That is really all there is to it. Now you are an informed high school bowling spectator. Enjoy the games.

We started off our 2020 season at the beginning of a 3 game road stretch for both the boys and the girls. The first of those matches were played at Circle Bowl. The boys bowled against against Madison Prep. The girls bowled against McKinley.

The girls won their match by default as the opponent did not show. The final score was 27-0. They bowled very well as a group.

Layla Legendre paced the girls with a 521 (185). Lakin Fletcher also had a solid set with a 502 (180). Angel Beadle had a strong game in the three spot with a 143. Layla was the high lane MVP for this match and Cara Palamentier was the low lane MVP putting up her high game of 121. 

The boys kicked off their match with a decisive first game win 7-1. After the first game Denham Springs was up by 265 pins. After a few substitutions Denham Springs expanded the lead some to 13-3 but did not quite have enough to secure the win. The final game started off with the Chargers taking in a lead in almost every head to head match. The Jackets recovered in the back half of the game to pull off 3 wins but the final game went to the Chargers 5-3. Denham Springs remained in control of total pins even with the loss resulting in a final score of 18-9.

Gabe Eunice paced the boys with a 618 (222,225). Dylan Fowler had a strong game in the three spot with a 180. 

This match gave our teams a glimpse into the difficulty of bowling in a venue many of our athletes were not familiar with. We have some adjustments to make and some situations to better prepare for.

Both teams will be on the road at Premier Lanes in Gonzales against Dutchtown on Wednesday. Be there to support your Jackets!!!

Denham Springs girls: 1-0
Denham Springs boys: 1-0

And so it begins …. The 2020 Denham Springs high school bowling season is here. Yesterday we bowled in Jamboree. The boys bowled against against Woodlawn and Central. The girls bowled against St. Joseph’s and Central. Both sets of games were previews of district play later this season.

Each team also bowled a series of baker games.

The boys won both matchups. The boys came out strong against Woodlawn taking the game 8-0. Cade Fletcher paced the boys in the first game with a 219. In the game against Central it was back and forth for the whole game on both lanes. It came down to the final shots in a few of the head to head matchups. We ended up tied 3-3 head to head. The final outcome was decided on total pins and the Jackets emerged victorious 5-3. The boys had big games from Cade Fletcher (257) and Mason Brock (224) against Central. 

The boys baker games were 172, 188 and 147.

The girls also won both matchups.

They came out strong against Central with Lakin Fletcher (194) and Layla Legendre (189) posting solid games against the shorthanded Wildcats. They finished the game 6-2 against Central. The girls also finished up 7-1 against St. Joseph’s. Layla Legendre paced the girls with a 168.

The girls baker games were 133, 104 and 142.

Overall the Jamboree gave us a taste both of what we are capable of and of what we can improve upon. It was a GREAT start to the season Jackets!!!