The boys entered the rematch against Catholic looking to avenge their only loss of the season earlier at All Star and try to position ourselves for a Top 4 seed.

Game one started off a little slow for the Jackets but they were able to recover and post near average performances on the high lane. Meanwhile the Bears got into a good groove in the middle of the game to open up a sizable lead before the end of the first, posting average to above average performances with 5 out of their 6 bowlers. After one we found ourselves down by 164 pins and behind 2-6. Dylan Fowler led the team out of the one spot with a 202.

Game two was the best game of the match by the Yellow Jackets. Still, wins were hard to come by. An outstanding performance on the high lane of 259 by Catholic bested Gabriel Eunice who rolled a match high 222 for the team shutting down an attempt to stay closer to even in game two. Dylan Fowler once again eclipsed the 200 mark with a 209. Cade Fletcher also pitched in a 205.

Game three had the Jackets in a situation similar to the first matchup needing 7 wins and total to take the win. As with last match, the Jackets ran out the gate strong, especially on the low lane taking a lead of over 100 pins early that they were never able to chip away at. Hayden Rainey started with the front 5 before settling out to a game ending 193 to take his point. Dylan Fowler etched his third 200 of the day on the record with a 208 to take his point. On the high lane Gabriel Eunice secured a 600 with a 201 to take his point.

Neither team bowled exceptionally well — meaning significantly above average — outside of a couple of outstanding performances, one for each team. For the Jackets Dylan Fowler was that performance out of the one spot. He was 3-0 today which is a tremendous feat against a team as deep as Catholic.

On the bright side, the Jackets were 5-4 on the low lane against the #1 power ranked team in the state. In the playoffs, low lane performance is often what separates the contenders from the field.

We finish out the season with Zachary on Monday at Circle and await our power ranking fate as we head into the playoff hunt.

Final score 7-20.

Boys: 9-2