Both Yellow Jackets squads looked to bounce back after setbacks on Monday. Both teams faced competitive St. Amant squads but a practice on Tuesday gave us a little more preparation leading into these matches.


The girls team started off on the right foot taking a 6-2 lead on the strength of a couple of dominating performances. One was on the high lane by Lakin Fletcher with a 202 and another on the low lane by Ann Savign with a 162. The second game was similar to the first with a couple of dominating performances on each lane. The final in that game was also 6-2 to give the Jackets a commanding 12-4 lead heading into the final.

The team struggled as a whole and lost last game 6-2. Overall they were ahead by 198 pins after game two which was enough of a cushion to carry the match. The final score was 17-10

Lakin Fletcher was the high lane MVP with a 521 (202)
Ann Savign was the low lane MVP with a 466 (162)


The boys started off with strong games in the 1-2 spots with Alex Cedotal bringing the swag with a 185 and Quincy Brown recovering his swag as well posting a 189. The high lane had an average performance and overcame a strong effort by the 6 bowler for St. Amant to take a 6.5-1.5 lead overall after game one. The second game saw the Jackets post one of their strongest single game performances of the season with an 1155 on the strength of a 196 in the 1 spot by Alex Cedotal and a 655 on the high lane by Mason Brock (206), Gabe Eunice (203) and Cade Fletcher (246) posting the top game of the day. Still, we managed to drop a game to take a 13.5-2.5 lead and an overall pin count lead of 360. St. Amant made some substitutions in the final game and Denham Springs turned in their lowest game of the day in the final match despite keeping the top 6.

Cade Fletcher eclipsed 700 for the second time this season posting a hot 701 series (227,246,228)

The boys match was livestreamed. A huge shout out to Leslie Fletcher for getting us online today.


Practice games ahead of this match seemed to get the team a little more focused. We were a little more certain on spares and overall we saw a better effort by both teams across the board.

Saturday will see us compete in the LHSAA High School Bowling Invitational at All Star Lanes.


Boys: 4-1

Girls: 2-2