The Jacket boys started off the season against Madison Prep at All Star Lanes in Baton Rouge. The Jacket boys started off fairly well with mostly marks and four games over 190 to finish the first game with a 1072 to the home Chargers 775. Gabe Eunice led the Jackets in the first game with a 205. The Jackets took the head to head matchups 7-1. Subsequent games would repeat similar margins.

Game two saw significant drop backs in performance as the team really struggled to deal with changes on the lane. It is possible carry down was a factor as the home team was throwing a lot of plastic. The Jackets finished game 2 with a 14.5-1.5 advantage to take the match in the second stanza.

Game three allowed liberal substitutions that gave new bowlers an opportunity to set averages. The game also saw the best performance on the high lane of the match with a combined 639 from Mason Ballard, Gabriel Eunice and Cade Fletcher. Cade finished the game with a match high 238 and a 622 series. 

The Jackets finished with a win of 25-2.

Mason, Gabriel and Cade finished off game three with a solid 639 to end the match.

Our final tune-up for the season came against Albany. This match gave us an opportunity to fine tune the starting lineup heading into the season and iron out some processes heading into the season.

The boys noted early in the match that they were not very used to the difference in lane conditions at Tangi Lanes vs. what they were used to bowling in Baton Rouge. Our usual starters struggled a little against their expected performance level in game one but still managed to jump out to a 7-1 lead against Albany. The Jackets ended the first game with a 309 pin lead, a, feat they would replicate for the remainder of the match. The second game saw the best performance of the scrimmage after a couple of substitutions. Quincy Brown posted the high game of the day with a 233. Game three allowed us to sit our 5 and 6 bowlers. We were able to comfortably play all 8 players and keep a consistent level of performance.

The Jacket boys finished with a 24-3 final advantage over the home Albany Hornets. Gabriel Eunice led the boys averaging 193 for the day with games of 187 and 199.

The girls faced a competitive Albany squad that finished 10-2 the prior season.

The girls started out with good games compared to their averages. Audrey Cedotal led the way out of the gate with a solid 181. Still it wasn’t enough in game one as Albany took a 7-1 advantage for the early lead. Just like the boys, game 2 proved to be the best overall game for the girls. Isabelle Duval bowled a 142 to lead the low lane and Audrey Cedotal followed up her hot start with a 175. The girls took 3 games in the second stanza. The final game was a small step back, but still saw solid performances from Isabelle Duval (149) and Audrey Cedotal throwing a match high 190.

The girls lost by a score of 6-21 to the home Albany hornets.  Audrey Cedotal led the girls with a 182 average on the day posting games of 181, 175, 190 for a 546 series.

The live stream was a mixed bag. The phone we were using to stream with was not taking a charge and died. We were also tethered to a side wall and plagued by slow internet. The venue is not ideal for livestreaming due to their COVID setup. There are lessons we learned to improve the stream. Look for that to improve for the first boys match on Monday.


Girls team prepared to take on Albany in our last scrimmage before the season starts.

Our preseason began Monday against Dutchtown at All Star Lanes in Baton Rouge. Denham Springs entered the matchup with a depleted roster on both the girls and boys side teaching the valuable pre-season lesson that deep rosters are going to be a tremendous asset this season. The boys were short three starters and the girls were short two starters. The Dutchtown boys were also short a starter. So begins our COVID challenged season.

The Dutchtown boys proved in their first game that they are going to be able to hang with any team in the region dropping a stout 661 on their low lane to and a 1254 overall to jump out to a 7-1 advantage early that proved too much to overcome in the end. The Jackets closed the gap somewhat in game two and took game 3 by a margin of 6-2. Dutchtown won the scrimmage on the boys side by the final score of 18-9.

Starting 6 and junior Cade Fletcher led the team with three wins in the match and a 588 (205) series. Freshman Cooper Bush bowled his high game today with a 188 from the 3 spot.

The Dutchtown girls are returning a solid squad of mostly sophomores and you can see the team growth from last season based on their starting averages vs. their scrimmage performance. The girls match started off equally lopsided with a 7-1 decision for Dutchtown which they would repeat similarly for the remaining games. Dutchtown ended up taking the match 22-5. The girls team will face Dutchtown in the regular season.

Audrey Cedotal led the girls with a 467 (182) and finished with a 2-1 advantage in the 6 spot.

For both teams this was the first experience many bowlers have had with head to head competition outside of friendlies in practice. We shook off some nerves and look to an improved performance in our next scrimmage.

The Jackets will face off against Albany in the second scrimmage of the season at Tangi Lanes in Hammond on Jan 20. This will be a preview for the girls of a venue they will compete in later this season. For both teams it will be the final tune-up in preparation for the start of the season.


Cade Fletcher lines up for the strike against Dutchtown

I wanted to send a quick update on the schedule as well as a few announcements.

A full season schedule was sent out in Remind recently. Please message William if you do not have it. We will update the complete version of the schedule and send it out soon. We have had changes to the regional schedule already since it was sent out last week and it is certainly possible that tweaks to our schedule will happen. Obviously COVID is still a player and can greatly impact our schedule.

We have added two scrimmages to the schedule.

  • Jan 11 at All Star we will play Dutchtown boys and girls
  • Jan 20 at Tangi Lanes in Hammond we will play Albany boys and girls

January schedule

  • Wednesday, January 6 Practice
  • Monday, January 11 SCRIMMAGE: Dutchtown
  • Wednesday, January 13 Practice
  • Wednesday, January 20 SCRIMMAGE: Albany
  • Thursday, January 21 Girls vs. St. Amant
  • Monday, January 25 Boys vs. Tara
  • Friday, January 29 Practice

Once February starts practices outside of matches will be on Friday. Monday and Wednesday cannot be scheduled at All-Star.

Please visit for an up to date version of the calendar

Please let me know if you will miss practice for any reason.

NOTE: I picked up a complete 5 ball Motiv arsenal from a bowler in my Sunday league with relatively recent releases. They are all 15 lbs. If you have not already sent me a list of your bowling equipment, please do so. I will try to match some of this equipment to you. Help me help you. 🙂

I will have meetings with the boys and girls teams separately tomorrow to go over team specific notes.

Coach William

On Monday I want to highlight the importance of one of our core values – EFFORT

Earlier this week there was a Cornell Bowling Club Zoom at with Diandra Asbaty, Daria Pajak and Diana Zavjalova**

The biggest thing I took away from the whole discussion was about putting in the TIME. There is no replacement for putting in as much time as you can to improve. The best adult bowlers in Baton Rouge bowl three or more leagues a week. The best high school bowlers in Baton Rouge bowl at least two days a week with their high school teams and participate in multiple leagues / practice sessions outside those two days a week. Elite performers in the PBA and PWBA put in thousands of hours of lane time over years. If you want to elevate your game to top tier varsity level, you need to put in the time. Notice when you come up to All Star to practice. You see the same kids up here from other schools frequently. We want to make sure they see us. Talk to your teammates and ask when they go up to practice and if you can go with them. Meet up here in groups to reduce cost. Communicate and recognize that your teammate improving means the TEAM improves.

As a reminder of one of our other core values accountability someone on the team asked me about my running. I was not doing so well. Since then I have run twice, meeting my distance goals for both days. Who are you helping to keep accountable?

**Below are a few short details on the accomplishments of those on the Zoom call. We will try to make more opportunities available to learn from the best our sport has to offer.

  • Diandra Asbaty – Winner of the 2012 USBC Queens, a 15 year Team USA veteran and winner of two team championships in college with Nebraska.
  • Daria Pajak – Current PWBA player (1 title), PWBA rookie of the year in 2017 and winner of a team national championship in college with Webber International in 2016.
  • Diana Zavjalova – Current PWBA player (4 titles) including TWO USBC Queens titles (she won the one in Baton Rouge in 2017) and winner of a team national championship in college with Webber International in 2012.

In Wednesdays practice we are going to talk about accountability. 

The first video is about the concept of accountability. The rest are on 4 of the 5 items below.



The five things we want to see with every shot are:

  • Pre-shot routine – video is from the perspective of a few Team USA bowlers about their pre-shot routines
  • Clean start – This is about timing and getting started with the ball on the right step
  • Balanced finish position – USBC training video on the finish position.
  • Follow through – (for this watch Shannon’s follow through in the next video)
  • Watch the ball roll off the pin deck- Tip Tuesday video from PWBA professional Shannon O’Keefe about why we watch the ball exit the pin deck. While it may be an advanced topic, starting the habit early will pay off later.


The practice dashboard consists of two pages.

  • A page analyzing performance goals
  • A page analyzing practice performance

The Goals analysis page provides context to the Practice analysis page. There is a key (shown below) on the page that explains every metric.


The best way to understand it is to explain a few examples.



The third bowler on this list has a 171.5 median along with a GOAL headpin % of 91.39%, a GOAL single pin spare % of 69.77% and a goal 30 point average of 0.93. If anyone is interested in how these goals are determined, ask Coach William.

Notice the colored columns for this bowler indicate that a focus on spare conversions is a premium when practicing. Also, some consideration needs to be given to the 30 point average which would require focusing on “transition” and other topics related to keeping the ball in the pocket. Bowlers with lower averages would want to focus on hitting the headpin and increasing the first ball average as a priority. It isn’t that practicing spares is less important, it is that honing the targeting process down that results in higher first ball counts is easier to measure and see progress with even when the average isn’t quite following along.

If you hover over any measure it will give you a “player card” that contains a violin plot with their games and their average. In this case the median and the average are the same. They can be different and this tells us something about what we can expect from different bowlers. You will note here that the plot distribution is weighted slightly below the average which means I can expect games in the 160-175 most commonly from this bowler, with occasional games well over 200 to balance the average higher.


Now lets return to our 171.5 median bowler with a GOAL headpin % of 91.39%, a GOAL single pin spare percent of 69.77% and a goal 30 point average of 0.93.

The Practice page allows to to review this information in more detail and to see trends over time. If you click on the bowler whose measures we are reviewing on the Goals page, you will see several boxes at the top. In the business world these are called KPI’s (key performance indicators). The overall measures merge the practices together. The trend breaks it out by practice. They look like this:



Notice that their headpin % is exceeding the GOAL and is thus green, the single pin spare % is exceeding the goal which is also in green. The only measure that is not exceeding the goal is the 30 point average. This lets us know EXACTLY what the priority should be in practice.  As a note, when the bowler is very close to a goal, the measure will be yellow (their Fill % goal is 77.1%).

Now the Practice dashboard can be used for a variety of other things. Below I will explain the different sections of the dashboard:



  • At the very bottom on the left there is a pin deck with all 10 pins on it. You can click on any pin and it will narrow the dashboard to leaves containing that pin.
  • At the very bottom in the middle right, there is a slicer that lets you narrow by the First Shot count. For example, if you want to narrow your analysis to single pin spares you can click the 9 and it will only show frames where you left 1 pin.
  • In the bottom right there are slicers for Gender, Bowler Name and Practice Date.


  • Games – The games section allows us to look at individual games in the practice sections. Clicking on a game, or a practice date will narrow the other visuals on the dashboard.
  • Converted Pin Percent – This shows the converted pin percent’s as pie charts for each pin in the set.
  • Most Commonly Left – This shows which pins tend to be left after the first shot.
  • Outcomes – This shows what happens in your frames and a count of how many frames you are analyzing. For example, if you want to look at convertible spares that you miss you can click on the Open adjacent to the Convertible.
  • Most Common Spare Leaves – This shows what types of spares you are leaving. Multi-pin spares are more difficult to convert than single pin spares. If you are leaving the same types of spares regularly, it likely tells us some things we can do to leave those less.

The best thing I can tell you do to is simply click around on the dashboard. Below I will highlight a few examples of the types of things we can see from the dashboard.

Most Commonly Left – a few case examples


These examples are for a right handed bowler. Each of these tells us something about what is happening on the lane even though we are not there.

  • A – ball is hitting the headpin and travelling through the pocket. The 10 pin should be the most common leave for a right handed bowler.
  • B – When a 2 pin is the most common leave the ball is going through the headpin to the right and is thus *light*.
  • C – When a 3 pin is the most common leave the ball is going through the headpin to the left and is thus *high*.
  • D – When the 5 pin is the most common leave the ball is often missing the headpin entirely. In this case we see that the headpin is hit sometimes but that frequently some combination of pins on the right side of the lane remains.


Converted Pin Percent – example


With the example here I narrowed the dashboard to shots where 9 pins were hit on the first shot to analyze single pin spare conversions. The example above is a possible indication of someone who is comfortable with single pin spares that are in the line of their strike shot. Notice the trend of higher conversion percentages near the pocket.


These are just a few examples of how you can look at the practice dashboard to get an idea of how to improve your game. The coaches will be looking at it but there is no reason that you cannot assess your own game. Let us know if you see anything interesting in the dashboard that can help make our team better.

Congratulations to the following students for making the Denham Springs High School bowling teams.

Girls Varsity

  • Audrey Cedotal
  • Ann Savignol
  • Catherine English
  • Kara Deluca
  • Layla Legendre #

Boys Varsity

  • Gabriel Eunice
  • Cade Fletcher
  • Mason Ballard
  • Dylan Fowler
  • Quincy Brown
  • Andrew Wilson
  • Alex Cedotal
  • Hayden Rainey
  • Brady Null

Junior Varsity

  • Cade Murry
  • Cooper Bush
  • Connor Phillips
  • Dalton Mulkey
  • Hunter Norwood
  • Wyatt Wells
  • Quentin Armstrong
  • Caleb Perck
  • Randall Mitchell #

Please note that bowling is allowed to carry as many students as we see fit on a roster. We had a very young group of tryout participants this year and we want to develop as many bowlers as possible for future seasons.

Both varsity and junior varsity matches start 6 bowlers for each game.

We are allowed to designate up to 10 students for the active roster during any particular match. The varsity squad is not set in stone. Bowlers on the junior varsity squads can be called up to bowl varsity games and can earn their way into the varsity lineup *this* season.

We will aim to limit JV opportunities to the JV squads to ensure they get the most time in a competitive environment possible.

#Option C students are not allowed to practice with the teams until such a time that they return to Option A/B.


To give an idea of how important some of our social media initiatives are, I am posting a couple of highlights from our 2020 season. Remember, like, share and comment on our social media posts. 

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We have professional bowler Stuart Williams weighing in