The girls finished up the regular season today against St. Jospeh’s at Circle Bowl.

Game one saw the Jackets jump out to an early 7.5-0.5 lead despite an average performance across the board. Layla Legendre led the team with a 187. Game two saw a little fire come out as Lakin Fletcher picked up the pace with a 188 and Ann Savignol bowled her highest game ever with a 174. The lead swelled to 13.5-2.5 after the second game. The third game saw the low lane really take off with Briana Daigle posting a 143, Angel Beadle posting a 123 and Ann Savignol continuing her streak with a 147. The girls took 4 games in the head to head matchups for game 3 and total pins.

The final score was 22.5-4.5

The win likely solidified a post season berth for the Jackets as they are nearly a full point ahead of teams below the 16 mark (as of 2/25). They were ranked #13 prior to closing out the season with two wins. The girls team will await the post-season brackets to see where they will end up. The Top 16 teams make the playoffs.

Layla Legendre led the girls with a 503 (187)

The boys team was playing in their second to last match of the regular season. Game one saw the Jackets start their top 6 and easily cover the 8 points by an average of over 50 pins per matchup. Mason Brock started off his quest for 600 on the right foot with a 212. The team led total pins by 318 allowing for liberal substitutions throughout the match. Game two saw Cade Fletcher get off to a hot start with eight strikes in a row to finish with a 253. The team lost a point in the second game to end the game up 13-1. Game three saw Quincy Brown finish off one of his strongest sets of the season with a 183 and a 532 series. Gabe Eunice collected the lone 200 in game 3 with a 210. The match final score was 26-1.

Cade Fletcher led the boys team with a 611 (253).

The boys will finish the season at Zachary (Circle Bowl) and await their playoff fate as well.

There was some interest yesterday in what it will take to make the state singles finals for boys and girls.

Last season a 153 average made the state singles tournament for the girls.
Last season a 179 average made the state singles tournament for the boys.

We have two boys and two girls that are near locks to make the singles tournament. We have a boy within a few pins of last years cut and a girl that is sitting about six back. Obviously the cut mark can change from year to year. Good luck to everyone in play here and heres hoping to getting six Jackets in and bringing home a couple of singles state titles.


Ann Savignol finishing up on a solid first shot


Girls: 10-2

Boys: 9-2

Today was the last home game for our senior girls. It is an honor to have you as part of our teams and we wish you all the best as you move on to amazing endeavors in your lives.


Lakin Fletcher, Angel Beadle, Cara Palamentier accept flowers from the team celebrating their last home games.

As the tagline went before the game

#1 Central vs. #2 Denham Springs on the boys side. #19 Central vs. #13 Denham Springs on the girls side. District titles and playoff seeding are on the line. Let’s bring a little playoff atmosphere to All-Star today! Be there! Go Jackets!!!

Lots on the line in this one.

The girls match was one that lived up to the urgency of being on the edge of playoff seeding. A loss could have the losing team sitting on the outside looking in. A win solidifies the likelihood of a postseason draw. Game one saw Lakin Fletcher post a win and a 207 to provide much needed cushion on total pins after the first game. The teams split the head to head matches 3-3 but total pins gave the Jackets a 5-3 lead heading into game two. Game two saw Lakin Fletch keep the pressure up with a 212. Layla Legendre also got on track to post a 189. Once again the teams split the head to head matches 3-3 but total pins again gave the Jackets the game, a 10-6 advantage after two and a shaky 68 pin lead heading into the final match. The third game was a nail biter with both lanes being within single pins late into the match. Once again, the teams split the head to head matchups 3-3. Layla Legendre posted a strong 220 in the final game to keep the team close in total pins but the Wildcats pulled out the total pins advantage in game three to win 5-3. This brought the entire match down to the total pins advantage built up in the first two games. The Jackets took overall with a 57 pin advantage and won the match 16-11.

Lakin Fletcher led the girls team with a 561 (212).

The boys match was more lopsided with the Central Wildcats proving their worth as a state title contender this year. The first game saw each team drop average performances which set the match off with a significant advantage for the Central Wildcats. Gabe Eunice carried the only win in game one and Central ran out to a 176 pin lead. Game two proved to be the decisive game of the match with Central delivering the best single game performance of the year thrown against the Jackets with a 1291. Central’s low lane shot 681 to overwhelm the Jackets low lane in terms of total pins. Still, Quincy Brown tossed in a 222 on the strength of seven strikes in a row to carry a game on the low lane. Cade Fletcher tossed a 246 in on the high lane to give the Jackets two wins in the stanza. The score was 13-3 after two games with a decided total pins advantage for the Wildcats leaving a mathematical chance, but little hope heading into game three. The Jackets put together a solid outing in the most competitive game of the match but still only came away 1.5 points in the game. Cade Fletcher shot a 233 in the effort.

The final was 22.5-4.5 for the visiting Wildcats.

Cade Fletcher led the team for the Jackets with a solid 672 (246).


Girls: 9-2

Boys: 8-2

On last Thursday 2/20 the Jackets girls team faced off against Istrouma for the second time this season.

The first game saw Lakin Fletcher jump out the gate with a solid 191 game. The rest of the team fared well and the girls finished with a 8-0 lead and a significant advantage in total pins.

Game two was a repeat performance will all of our girls holding decided advantages over their opponents. Briana Daigle posted her high game of the season with a 151. It was also an 8-0 finish to secure both the second game and the match.

The girls dropped a game in the final stanza after an unusually high performance in the two spot on the opposing side. Ann Savignol posted a solid 151 besting her average by over 25 pins.

All in all it was a dominant performance and a solid build block heading into the final matches of the season.

The final score was 26-1

Lakin Fletcher led the girls with a 506 (191)

The girls and boys face a tough test against Central on Thursday (2/27) with significant playoff implications for both the boys and girls. Be there and Go Jackets!


Girls: 7-2

Monday’s match saw the continuation of district play with the Jackets facing off against Woodlawn.

Game one started off a little slow for all bowlers with only Alex Cedotal reaching his average (149) and Gabe Eunice throwing the high effort of the game with a 196 to barely miss his average. The high lane, especially, struggled to find a good line but really worked with each other to get into the pocket for the second and third game. The Jackets opened up a 7-1 advantage after the first game. Game two saw Mason Brock find a hot line to throw an exceptional 245. Cade Fletcher also found a line that carried better and pitched in a 225. The Jackets opened a commanding lead of 14-2 after game two and held the total pins advantage by 311.
The third game allowed further substitutions and thus all ten bowlers on the active roster saw action in the match.

The final score was 24-3, Jackets.

Cade Fletcher led the team with a 599 (225).

Both teams face off against Central next Thursday (2-27). On the boys side this match has been circled on the calendar all season as Central is the strongest team on our regular season schedule as well as a district rival. A district title will be on the line as well as a more favorable playoff seed. Central comes into the match on the boys side ranked #1 in the state wide power rankings. The Yellow Jacket boys are entering the match with the #3 power ranking in the state.

The Jacket girls will put their #13 power ranking and district honors on the line against Central who is sitting at #18.

These matches should bring a little taste of playoff atmosphere to All Star Lanes. Tell ALL your friends and family to come on over and support the Jackets! Lets go Jackets! Bring it!


Andrew Wilson and Cade Murray strategize on the split leave.

Boys: 8-1

The Wednesday match this week saw both teams face off against Baton Rouge High who is fielding both a boys and a girls squad this year. It is always exciting to see growing programs in high school bowling.

Both teams today entered matches with key players out with illnesses.

The girls kicked off their match by splitting the head to head games 3-3 with the visiting Bulldogs who bowled their best game of the match in game one. Lakin Fletcher paced the Jackets with a solid 201 game. Briana Daigle bowled a 121 on the low lane to both exceed her average by 20 pins and secure the point. Total pins went to the Jackets in game one to set out with a 5-3 lead. Game two saw the Bulldogs drop back a little and the Jackets sped out to a 6-2 advantage. Cara Palamentier bowled a 119 on the low lane to secure her point and exceed her average by nearly 30 pins. With the match still in doubt the third game proved to be the deciding factor. The Jackets raced out to the best game of the day collecting an 818 as a team with Audrey Cedotal leading the way with a 192. The team carried a 7-1 advantage in the final game to pull out to a 21-6 win in the end.

The boys got off to a solid start in game one with Mason Brock (204) and Gabriel Eunice (256) posting games above their average on the high lane and Randall Mitchell filling in for the one spot with a 139 to carry his point. The high lane bowled 654 to help move the team out to a quick 7-1 advantage. Game two was more decisive with Cade Fletcher posting a 213 and Gabriel Eunice once again posting a scintillating 233 game to continue his hot start. Dylan Fowler dropped in a 197 on the low lane to carry his point by over 100 pins. The margin after game 2 was 15-1 which allowed us to substitute liberally in the last game. The high lane players stayed put as multiple players had shots at their high series.

In game three Dylan Bossom paced the low lane with his high game ever, a 132. On the high lane Gabriel Eunice needed a 211 to turn out his first 700 series. He decided to leave no doubt after a shaky open in the second frame to post seven strikes in a row to finish with a 257 and a Baton Rouge region leading 746 series.

The boys finished with a 24-3 final score over the visiting Bulldogs.


Gabriel Eunice puts the finishing touches on a 257 game and a 746 series.

Girls: 7-2

Boys: 7-1

Monday saw both teams playing at a familiar venue but as the away team on the schedule against St. Michael’s. Both teams seemed to have split personalities today with one lane struggling more than the other. On the girls side the high lane got off to a great start carrying all of their wins and with Lakin Fletcher setting the pace for the game with a 197. They ended the game with a 5.5-2.5 advantage. The low lane got in the action in the second game with Angel Beadle carrying the advantage over her opponent to allow the team to take a 6-2 advantage and open a 11.5-4.5 advantage after two games. On the high lane the girls were rock solid carrying all 3 points and with Lakin Fletcher once again providing the dominant win of the game with a 207. The third game saw the team turn up the wins despite struggling a little taking 7 points to their 1. Layla Legendre tossed in a 192 to easily carry her point in game 3.

The final score was 21.5-5.5

Lakin Fletcher had the high series today for the girls with a 595 (207)

The boys performance was similar with the high lane bowling better than average and the low lane struggling a little. The first game saw both lanes get out to a slow start with Mason Brock being the only player to reach his average with a 193. We split the head to head matchups and carried total pins by 49 to open with a 5-3 lead. Game 2 saw performances closer to the mean on the low lane and the high lane having a really solid game with Mason Brock shooting 204, Gabe Eunice shooting 237 and Cade Fletcher shooting 208 to provide a total of 649 on the high lane. This allowed Denham Springs to open up a 264 pin advantage and take 7 points in game two. This gave us 12 points after two games. The third game saw a couple more 200’s on the high lane including Mason Brock with the 200 even. Cade Fletcher really ramped up the strikes to haul in a 258 and finish out with a series above his average. The boys carried a 6-2 advantage to finish off the match with 21-6 win.

Cade Fletcher led the boys today with a 663 (258)

Denham Springs girls: 6-2
Denham Spring boys: 6-1


Cade Fletcher dialing in a fourth strike en route to a 258


The girls faced off against Glen Oaks who was shorthanded a player. In the first game the team started off pretty slow but managed to overwhelm the opponent. The Jackets ended the game with a 7-1 advantage on the score sheet. The second game saw some better performances. Layla Legendre started with the front six to post a 224 and the team took all 8 points in the game to secure the win.

The last game saw Brianna Daigle bowl her highest game (141) to easily carry her opponent point.

The final score after game 3 was 26-1.

Layla Legendre led all scorers with a 556 (224)


The girls came out the gate strong with a 6-2 advantage in the first game led my Lakin Fletcher with a 224 and Layla Legendre with an even 200. It was their top scoring performance of the season to that point with a 902. The second game was a slight step back in overall points but saw the girls sweep by with a 7-1 advantaged to enter the third game with 13 of the 14 points required to take the match. In the last game the girls left no doubt by eclipsing their game one performance with a 941 and taking all 8 points in the final match. Lakin Fletcher threw a 243 in game three and Angel Beadle paced the low lane with a stout 165. The final score was 24-3.

The girls also finished with their high series of the season, a 2703. It was an outstanding performance on the girls side today.

Lakin Fletcher was the team MVP with a 661 (224, 194, 243)


Kim telling the team about the girls excellent performance today


The boys started off slowly against Lutcher struggling to get the ball in the pocket and finishing with average to below average games for the most part. Gabe Eunice paced the boys in game one with a solid 205. Despite the slow start the team jumped out to a 7-1 lead in game one. Game two saw a solid performance on the low lane by Randall Mitchell who bowled a 151 in the one spot. The low lane carried all matchups and the team lead ballooned to 14-2 after game two. Game three allowed several substitutions which allowed some of our younger bowlers to get time in the lineup and show where they could fit in for the future. Mason Brock bounced back in the third game with a solid 202 to post only the second 200 on the roster of the day.

The boys won by a 22-5 margin.  Spares were at a premium today and while we had streaks of expert spare coverage there were some gaps that we can take away and improve upon.

Gabe Eunice finished with the high set of the day for the boys with a 575 (202).

The boys get a week off before matching up against St. Michael’s. The girls will face Glen Oaks on Wednesday. JV will face off against Catholic High. Be there!

Girls 3-2
Boys: 5-1


Both Yellow Jackets squads looked to bounce back after setbacks on Monday. Both teams faced competitive St. Amant squads but a practice on Tuesday gave us a little more preparation leading into these matches.


The girls team started off on the right foot taking a 6-2 lead on the strength of a couple of dominating performances. One was on the high lane by Lakin Fletcher with a 202 and another on the low lane by Ann Savign with a 162. The second game was similar to the first with a couple of dominating performances on each lane. The final in that game was also 6-2 to give the Jackets a commanding 12-4 lead heading into the final.

The team struggled as a whole and lost last game 6-2. Overall they were ahead by 198 pins after game two which was enough of a cushion to carry the match. The final score was 17-10

Lakin Fletcher was the high lane MVP with a 521 (202)
Ann Savign was the low lane MVP with a 466 (162)


The boys started off with strong games in the 1-2 spots with Alex Cedotal bringing the swag with a 185 and Quincy Brown recovering his swag as well posting a 189. The high lane had an average performance and overcame a strong effort by the 6 bowler for St. Amant to take a 6.5-1.5 lead overall after game one. The second game saw the Jackets post one of their strongest single game performances of the season with an 1155 on the strength of a 196 in the 1 spot by Alex Cedotal and a 655 on the high lane by Mason Brock (206), Gabe Eunice (203) and Cade Fletcher (246) posting the top game of the day. Still, we managed to drop a game to take a 13.5-2.5 lead and an overall pin count lead of 360. St. Amant made some substitutions in the final game and Denham Springs turned in their lowest game of the day in the final match despite keeping the top 6.

Cade Fletcher eclipsed 700 for the second time this season posting a hot 701 series (227,246,228)

The boys match was livestreamed. A huge shout out to Leslie Fletcher for getting us online today.


Practice games ahead of this match seemed to get the team a little more focused. We were a little more certain on spares and overall we saw a better effort by both teams across the board.

Saturday will see us compete in the LHSAA High School Bowling Invitational at All Star Lanes.


Boys: 4-1

Girls: 2-2




The Denham Springs girls team faced a traditionally strong squad in East Ascension. Layla Legendre set the pace in game one for the Jackets with a 236. Lakin Fletcher also pitched in a strong 196 but the advantage at other positions proved difficult to overcome in the first game and EA took the game 5-3. The second game was a near mirror of the first and the Jackets found themselves on the down side of a 10-6 score in favor of the visiting Spartans. The last game was a little more one-sided with EA throwing some strong games to create a final advantage of 20-7.

Freshman Layla Legendre continued her early season success tossing her highest series ever with a 583 (236). Senior Lakin Fletcher also had a strong and consistent performance with a 575 (203)


On the boys side, East Ascension came out the gate with a very consistent but solid game from each of their starters in game one. Denham Springs struggled a little out the gate after a long layoff from bowling at All Star. EA took the lead after game one 6-2. Denham Springs was able to adjust some and get back in the match in game two with a strong effort of 1142 to tie things up. Dylan Fowler threw nine strikes in a row to throw his personal best of 264 on the low lane. EA maintained a 95 point lead after the second game in what looked like a match going down to the wire. In the final game each team started off strong before things went a litle off the rails for the Jackets who left numerous splits and left a few easy spares out there. EA took the last game 6-2 and was able to expand their total pins advantage and take the match 17-10.

Cade Fletcher led all bowlers on the boys side with a 639 (235).

There were certainly some good things to take from todays matches but there were also opportunities missed. Both Jackets teams will regroup and hit the lanes again on Wednesday against St. Amant.