Monday saw both teams playing at a familiar venue but as the away team on the schedule against St. Michael’s. Both teams seemed to have split personalities today with one lane struggling more than the other. On the girls side the high lane got off to a great start carrying all of their wins and with Lakin Fletcher setting the pace for the game with a 197. They ended the game with a 5.5-2.5 advantage. The low lane got in the action in the second game with Angel Beadle carrying the advantage over her opponent to allow the team to take a 6-2 advantage and open a 11.5-4.5 advantage after two games. On the high lane the girls were rock solid carrying all 3 points and with Lakin Fletcher once again providing the dominant win of the game with a 207. The third game saw the team turn up the wins despite struggling a little taking 7 points to their 1. Layla Legendre tossed in a 192 to easily carry her point in game 3.

The final score was 21.5-5.5

Lakin Fletcher had the high series today for the girls with a 595 (207)

The boys performance was similar with the high lane bowling better than average and the low lane struggling a little. The first game saw both lanes get out to a slow start with Mason Brock being the only player to reach his average with a 193. We split the head to head matchups and carried total pins by 49 to open with a 5-3 lead. Game 2 saw performances closer to the mean on the low lane and the high lane having a really solid game with Mason Brock shooting 204, Gabe Eunice shooting 237 and Cade Fletcher shooting 208 to provide a total of 649 on the high lane. This allowed Denham Springs to open up a 264 pin advantage and take 7 points in game two. This gave us 12 points after two games. The third game saw a couple more 200’s on the high lane including Mason Brock with the 200 even. Cade Fletcher really ramped up the strikes to haul in a 258 and finish out with a series above his average. The boys carried a 6-2 advantage to finish off the match with 21-6 win.

Cade Fletcher led the boys today with a 663 (258)

Denham Springs girls: 6-2
Denham Spring boys: 6-1


Cade Fletcher dialing in a fourth strike en route to a 258