The Jackets started game one shorthanded by one and missing two key players. That alone would set back the Jackets nearly 300 points on total pins which added difficultly to an already difficult matchup with St. Amant.

Game one started off slow, however, Brie Donahue had a solid 121 in her first game. In that game, though, the Jackets ran into an exceptionally strong performance for the St. Amant girls team in the middle of the lineup giving them a huge burst out the gate and an 8-0 lead.

Game two saw better overall performances with Audrey Cedotal setting the high mark for the day with a 169 and capturing a win against the home Gators. Unfortunately, it was the only win in the stanza which gave the Gators the win 7-1 and putting the match out of reach.

The third game saw Ann Savignol put her best performance of the day on the board with a 158 which also captured a point for the Jackets. Similary to game 2, it was the only win in the game.

The final score was 2-25 with the Gators taking the win.

Girls: 0-1

Girls say hello from the St. Amant match on National Girls and Women in Sports Day!