Baton Rouge High brings the first district action of the season. The match was played at All Star Lanes.

Game one started off slow with everyone bowling below their average except for 6-spot Cade Fletcher who tossed in a 257. Still the visiting Bulldogs were no match to the pinfall totals of the Jackets with nearly every Jacket taking a win and bursting out the gate to a 7-1 advantage.
Game two allowed a couple of substitutions and saw drop backs in performance from both teams. Cade Fletcher delivered the lone deuce of the match with a 208.
Game three saw us sit our 5-spot bowler and move some of the middle of the lineup into the high lane. They did not disappoint closing out game 3 with a flurry of strikes and another 1100. Quincy Brown provided a spectacular finish with a match high 258.

Brady Null came in off the bench for the match making a case for more time at the one spot with games of 156 and 172.

The final score was 25-2 Jackets.

The first three games of the season allowed us to use several bowlers in the roster and allowed me to balance a solid number of games between them to see how various bowlers perform in matches. Eight bowlers had at least 5 games in the first three matches with two more getting a game in varsity play early in the season. The boys next matchup against Archbishop Rummel will be our toughest match of the season to date and will require the best of what we have put on the lanes this season.

JV: 1-1
Girls: 1-2
Boys: 3-0