On Monday I want to highlight the importance of one of our core values – EFFORT

Earlier this week there was a Cornell Bowling Club Zoom at with Diandra Asbaty, Daria Pajak and Diana Zavjalova**

The biggest thing I took away from the whole discussion was about putting in the TIME. There is no replacement for putting in as much time as you can to improve. The best adult bowlers in Baton Rouge bowl three or more leagues a week. The best high school bowlers in Baton Rouge bowl at least two days a week with their high school teams and participate in multiple leagues / practice sessions outside those two days a week. Elite performers in the PBA and PWBA put in thousands of hours of lane time over years. If you want to elevate your game to top tier varsity level, you need to put in the time. Notice when you come up to All Star to practice. You see the same kids up here from other schools frequently. We want to make sure they see us. Talk to your teammates and ask when they go up to practice and if you can go with them. Meet up here in groups to reduce cost. Communicate and recognize that your teammate improving means the TEAM improves.

As a reminder of one of our other core values accountability someone on the team asked me about my running. I was not doing so well. Since then I have run twice, meeting my distance goals for both days. Who are you helping to keep accountable?

**Below are a few short details on the accomplishments of those on the Zoom call. We will try to make more opportunities available to learn from the best our sport has to offer.

  • Diandra Asbaty – Winner of the 2012 USBC Queens, a 15 year Team USA veteran and winner of two team championships in college with Nebraska.
  • Daria Pajak – Current PWBA player (1 title), PWBA rookie of the year in 2017 and winner of a team national championship in college with Webber International in 2016.
  • Diana Zavjalova – Current PWBA player (4 titles) including TWO USBC Queens titles (she won the one in Baton Rouge in 2017) and winner of a team national championship in college with Webber International in 2012.

In Wednesdays practice we are going to talk about accountability. 

The first video is about the concept of accountability. The rest are on 4 of the 5 items below.



The five things we want to see with every shot are:

  • Pre-shot routine – video is from the perspective of a few Team USA bowlers about their pre-shot routines
  • Clean start – This is about timing and getting started with the ball on the right step
  • Balanced finish position – USBC training video on the finish position.
  • Follow through – (for this watch Shannon’s follow through in the next video)
  • Watch the ball roll off the pin deck- Tip Tuesday video from PWBA professional Shannon O’Keefe about why we watch the ball exit the pin deck. While it may be an advanced topic, starting the habit early will pay off later.

Congratulations to the following students for making the Denham Springs High School bowling teams.

Girls Varsity

  • Audrey Cedotal
  • Ann Savignol
  • Catherine English
  • Kara Deluca
  • Layla Legendre #

Boys Varsity

  • Gabriel Eunice
  • Cade Fletcher
  • Mason Ballard
  • Dylan Fowler
  • Quincy Brown
  • Andrew Wilson
  • Alex Cedotal
  • Hayden Rainey
  • Brady Null

Junior Varsity

  • Cade Murry
  • Cooper Bush
  • Connor Phillips
  • Dalton Mulkey
  • Hunter Norwood
  • Wyatt Wells
  • Quentin Armstrong
  • Caleb Perck
  • Randall Mitchell #

Please note that bowling is allowed to carry as many students as we see fit on a roster. We had a very young group of tryout participants this year and we want to develop as many bowlers as possible for future seasons.

Both varsity and junior varsity matches start 6 bowlers for each game.

We are allowed to designate up to 10 students for the active roster during any particular match. The varsity squad is not set in stone. Bowlers on the junior varsity squads can be called up to bowl varsity games and can earn their way into the varsity lineup *this* season.

We will aim to limit JV opportunities to the JV squads to ensure they get the most time in a competitive environment possible.

#Option C students are not allowed to practice with the teams until such a time that they return to Option A/B.